Thursday, May 13, 2021

HSR Talks

Take Care Of Your Employees During The Pandemic

Tough times are upon us! Just as we thought we left the worst times behind us, along comes the second wave. But this is also a great time for us as event managers and event agency owners to show...

Starting over is the Biggest Opportunity

From adversity, comes opportunity. Over the last 12 months or so, some of us have learned to upskill ourselves and sustain business in the new scheme of things. It is time now to start all over again because the second...

Ordinary to Extraordinary

During these pandemic times, What it takes from Us as Event Managers to become extraordinary from ordinary. My excerpts from Galgotia University Annual Fest.

How to be a Great Client Servicing Manager

The post-pandemic world is a new one. But for event agencies, the traits of good or rather great client servicing people remain the same as they always were. How do you figure out what are the most important client...

Fueling Motivation inside US.

Do we Really Need MOTIVATION? During a discussion last week with my colleagues and the topic of motivation started and then i realised that do we really need motivation. I have tried capturing the thought in this video.

The Importance Of Rejuvenation For Event Managers

This video or rather chat – is about the importance of rejuvenation in an event manager’s life. My thought is simple - when we work hard, we should find time for rejuvenation as well. Not just mindless partying, chilling...
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