Friday, May 14, 2021

Take Care Of Your Employees During The Pandemic

Tough times are upon us! Just as we thought we left the worst times behind us, along comes the second wave.

But this is also a great time for us as event managers and event agency owners to show empathy and support for each one of our people. On my part, being there for the people in my company as well as in my network – reach out rounding the clock and checking with them…I promise i will do my bit of what I can – to provide them sustenance – in the form of medical help, oxygen cylinder information, food, and antiviral drug support.

Would love to hear from you on measures that you are implementing – to provide comfort to the humanity. Let’s be there for our people and they will be there for us – always!

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Harinder Rana
Harinder Rana
Harinder is helping the IT and Auto Industry in executing marketing strategies and building brands through Digital & Content Driven Marketing. He is the founder of the Fervent group, a company that helps IT, BFSI, Consumer Durable & E-commerce companies in order to build credible relations with their customers through innovative Digital Marketing Content driven strategies. With extensive experience of more than 17 years in the events and experiential marketing industry, Harinder has led teams, executed large projects, and built strategies for brands like Nikon, Dell, Honda, Tata, Xerox, Abbott and many more. He is a self-made entrepreneur and over the past 10 years, 60+ employees and 1000+ clients have thrived under his leadership and expertise at Fervent. Harinder is looking to delve into the new industries such as IT, Banking and Financial Services & E-Commerce. If you are a CEO, CMO or CSO and looking to scale your organisation’s appeal, get in touch with Harinder to discuss innovative ideas and strategies that can help you improve the brand experience for your customers.

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